Congratulations ! The winning spree continues for 10th year in a row for our students of Class XII    ||    Prabhat Khabar listing for validation of HMSS as a premier school at Senior Secondary lever.    ||   

Discipline and Leadership Skills

In this competitive world, it is important for each child to stay ahead of the race in order to have the winning edge. The base of learning as well as the core ethics need to be strengthened in order that a child metamorphose into an efficient leader. At Holy Mission Secondary School, the core value of compassion and empathy is inculcated right from the start and the importance of discipline inculcated amongst them from an early age so that each child may grow up to be smart, sincere, disciplined and a humane individual. Student Counsellors are pointed to bring about correctional reforms from an early age to better understand and guide their behavioural pattern.

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