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Guardian Disclosure

  • Parents shall be duly notified from time to time regarding the timings of opening and closing of school.
  • Students are requested to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner on their way to and from school. Cognizance will be taken of all irregular conduct.
  • A written explanation must be sent to the Principal through the class teacher signed by the parent and no other relative in case the student remains absent from school.
  • Progress Reports depicting the academic and non-academic performance of the student shall be sent to the parents from time to time.
  • In case if the parent /guardian wants to meet the Principal or the teacher other than scheduled dates such as PTA Meet, a prior appointment must be obtained from the principal
  • Parents are requested to meet the class Teacher during PTA Meets and other scheduled dates in regard to their child's progress in all aspects.
  • The school Diary is an important link which serves to establish an important link between the school management and parents. Hence, parents are requested to look into it every day.
  • Parents /Guardians are also requested to take due note of all complaints and suggestion made by the school and sign them. Any Complaint or suggestion made to the school by the guardian should be noted in the diary.
  • The school expect parents/guardians to cooperate with school authorities by enforcing regularity, punctuality, cleanliness and sense of discipline in the children. The students must come to school in uniform otherwise they will not be allowed to enter in the class.
  • Parents must ensure that students complete their home assignments and projects and come to school well prepared.
  • Under no circumstances a parent/guardian shall be allowed to meet the ward during class hours unless a written permission is secured from the principal office.

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