Excellent Results keep the flag of HMSS flying high    ||    Once again, the students attain superlative results on a consistent basis    ||   

When the school was conceptualized more than a decade and a half back, it was but a distant dream to make quality education available within the reach of maximum number of people. Today with our persevering effort, it has turned into a reality. The school has carved a niche for itself amongst the cluster of educational institutions in the city and will continue to spread it wings far and wide.

While we are happy to see each passing batch grow into confident young adults ready to take on life, at the same time we are extremely proud of their accomplishments because excellence in academics is the hallmark of any good institution.

We need to train our kids to take charge and trust that they will – let them be responsible for their success and failure. As adults we need to emulate the same and show them the path– accept responsibility to achieve our goals. We need to lead by example. What children most learn from us today is our attitudes, values and perception.

This is the message we need to convey collectively. In all of these efforts we will need the parents to partner with us at all levels. After all holistic education of our students is our common goal.

I must sincerely thank each stake holder for their unrelenting support and hope that they will continue to support in our small and big endeavors.

As our journey continues, we take on new challenges, new solutions and new heights. We know ideas will be born, to be discarded, to be adopted, to succeed and to triumph. But we shall not cease from exploration. The road ahead might be tough, but we have miles to cover before we sleep.

May God bless us all in this endeavor of ours.

Rajesh Kumar

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