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Dear Guardian,

At the very outset, Holy Mission Secondary School would like to express their genuine warmth for having given due consideration to this institution for the purpose of enrolling your ward for furthering their education.

Throughout the last decade, the School has gradually but consistently built up its name amidst one of the better schools in Patna in offering quality education to the new generation enabling them to excel themselves in the competitive field and that too at a reasonable cost.

When you throw a glance at the escalating cost of education being offered by the quality schools in Patna, you would be forced to admit that Holy Mission Secondary School has managed in this age of inflation to curb and control its cost and keep it within reasonable limits.

Moreover, the quality education and the new innovations being introduced to sharpen and hone the students is self-evident and substantiated by the outstanding results achieved by them at school and competitive level, year after year.

The concept of Remedial Classes / Tutorials is also a key factor the school can boast of having introduced in Patna which has played a substantial role in sharpening the acumen of those who needed that extra special care at micro level.

Holy Mission Secondary School is grateful on being the recipient of your initial consideration in scouting for that one perfect institution which would provide the perfect launching pad for your ward and would feel proud to be associated with you on a long-term basis now and in the future.

Mukesh Kumar

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